21 Songs We Wish Existed for a Teacher Appreciation Week Party

As the official Teacher Appreciation Week 2015 comes to a close, let’s not forget our appreciation for teachers throughout the year: all the work they do for their kids every day, and for the future strength of their profession.

In the mean time, to celebrate the week, what better way to wrap it up than with a custom party playlist? Here is the perfect soundtrack to the end of Teacher Appreciation Week — if these songs existed.

“(I Can’t Get No) Appreciation” by the Roll-Call Stones

“Appreciation” by Skool & the Gang

“A Little Help from my Friends” by Sgt. Paper’s Folded Hearts Club Band

“Should I Stay and Work or Should I Go Home and Work” by The Class

“I’m Gonna Meet (500 Goals)” by The Protractors

“Love Stats” by the Bring-#2s

“Sit Down Alright” by PD and the Summertime Band

“In Data Club” by 50 perCent

“I Love Taking Roll” by Joan Jetta and the Checkmarks

“Pass Your Class” by Ink

“Lesson ‘n a Prayer” by Blend Jovi

“Teach Me How to, Mr. Dougie” by California School District

“This is How We Do It” by Model Jordan

“Holla Back, Girl” by Engage Stefani

“Single Spacies (Put a Grade on it)” by BYOD-oncé

“MOOC-use” by Canny Log-ins

“D,C,B,A.” by the Valued People

“The Test” by Bubble Checker

“Grade That Funky Rubric” by Filed Cherry

“Slips Don’t Lie” by School-kira

“Assessment Back” by Justin Timeforbreak

Some of those were okay, right? Can you think of some other occasion-specific song titles for a Teacher Appreciation Week wrap party?