Give the Teachers What They Want! Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are the ones interacting with the kids every day — those very individual, often vulnerable young people at the ideal center of a school’s focus. And not merely interacting with, but guiding, hearing, interpreting, counseling, correcting, encouraging, alloparenting, and instructing.

Teachers’ names and faces are the ones kids remember as they move through school and into their adult lives.

So if schools want to serve kids, let’s face it, what’s good for teachers is good for schools.

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Prepare Your Students for the ACT

Test Prep Books at 35% Off

Barron’s ACT, 16th Edition

This test prep manual presents a detailed review of all ACT test topics—English, math, reading, science reasoning—and guidance in responding to the essay. Includes practice questions, study tips, and test-taking strategies. Also offers a diagnostic test and three practice exams.

Paperback: ISBN 9780764144820

Cover price: $18.99   |   Adams’ Price: $12.34 for 10+ copies

With CD-ROM: ISBN 9780764197581

Cover price: $29.99   |   Adams’ Price: $19.41 for 10+ copies

Barron’s ACT Subject Workbooks

ACT Subject WorkbooksWorkbooks in English, Reading and Writing and in Math and Science provides students with practice and review for the ACT. Each includes a full-length self-assessment, practice questions, drills, study advice, test-taking strategies, and practice tests. Paperbacks.

English, Reading, and Writing: ISBN 9780764139826

Cover price: $14.99   |   Adams’ Price: $9.74 for 10+ copies

Math and Science: ISBN 9780764140341

Cover price: $14.99   |   Adams’ Price: $9.74 for 10+ copies

Barron’s ACT Flash Cards

ACT Flash Cards

Covers test prep on all sections of the ACT: English, Math, Reading, Science, & Writing.

ISBN 9781438071361

Cover price: $16.99   |   Adams’ Price: $11.04 for 10+ copies

Barron’s ACT 36

This book offers strategies and practice tests in all ACT test areas. The book can be purchased with an optional CD-ROM including a full-length ACT practice test plus 50 extra-difficult practice questions.

Paperback: ISBN 9780764147056

Cover price: $16.99   |   Adams’ Price: $11.04 for 10+ copies

6 ACT Practice Tests

This manual contains six full-length practice tests for students to determine their strengths and improve their weak areas. Use independently or in tandem with Barron’s ACT and Flash Cards.

Paperback: ISBN 9780764147227

Cover price: $12.99   |   Adams’ Price: $8.44 for 10+ copies

Grammar Workbook for the SAT, ACT and More, 2nd Edition

This workbook presents a detailed grammar review with dozens of practice quizzes and exercises to sharpen students’ skills. Sample questions exactly like those found on the ACT, and come with fully explained answers.English, Reading, and Writing: ISBN 9780764139826

Paperback: ISBN 9780764144899

Cover price: $14.99   |   Adams’ Price: $9.74 for 10+ copies