Free with Adoption

(originally published May 2011)

The price of Teacher Editions and Ancillary Materials can easily run into hundreds of dollars. If your faculty makes use of the supplemental teaching and testing materials that the publishers’ create to accompany their textbooks, obtaining these materials free of charge is a great cost saving.

Major publishers usually provide Teacher Editions free as long as they receive an order for student copies. Minimum order quantity varies by publisher but is usually in the range of 25 to 50 student books. Your Adams representative can assist you with information and procedures.

Getting the Ancillary teaching resources and testing supplements gratis is a little bit more involved but worth the extra effort.  If your faculty is planning any new textbook adoptions this year let an Adams representative assist to get the ancillary material ‘free with adoption.’ First step, the teacher should contact the local publisher’s representative for the textbook you are interested in adopting.  If you don’t know the publisher’ reps name, contact Adams’ customer service, [4] or 1-800-221-0909 and we will be happy to assist you.

Publisher sales representatives get a budget specifically for the purpose of providing these free materials. The local publisher representative must be involved because free materials come out of their budget.  Explain to the publisher’s rep that you are “considering” adopting one of their titles and ask, “What is available free with adoption?”  The rep will usually ask what quantity of student books you will be purchasing, so the teacher should have an approximate quantity in mind.  Request the publisher’s rep to email you the list of gratis items so that the terms are clear.  Sometimes the rep will say that they will drop off the free materials once the textbook order has been placed. This is fine but ask them to confirm in writing the free items you will be receiving. The publisher’s rep is there to help you so try to develop a good rapport.  A professional relationship is mutually beneficial. When you place your textbook order with Adams include the information on which material is gratis.  Adams will follow through on getting the free materials and the publisher’s representative will get credit for the sale and receive their commission.

Adams works closely with the various publishers to make sure all goes smoothly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your Adams’ customer service representative.

Stretch-your-budget with free teacher ancillary materials!  The employees of Adams Book Company are here to help you do your job smarter and easier, and we put you first by having a human answer the phone.  Thank you for allowing Adams to serve you and have a wonderful summer!


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